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Szabolcs Szekeres

Managing partner

Szabolcs Szekeres is Partner at Considero, leading the company’s research and analysis team, and managing all client related analyses. He holds an M. Phil. degree in Economics from Columbia University.
Szabolcs was senior economist at the Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, DC (1970-77). He was founder and CEO of Information for Investment Decisions, Inc., Washington, DC, an economic and financial consultancy serving clients in Latin America, Asia and Africa (1977-1992). He was CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Hungarian State Holding Company, a privatization and asset management agency (1993-1994). He worked as Head of the Workout Department of Budapest Bank (1994-1997), Transactions officer at the EBRD funded Special Restructuring Programme (1997-1998), CEO at IID Gazdasági Tanácsadó Kft, a financial and management consultancy (1998-2002). He was the Deputy Managing Director of the Kosovo Trust Authority, the public asset management entity of the UN Mission in Kosovo (2002-2004). He was the Head of the Industry, Energy and Transport Research Unit: of the European Commission (2004-2009). He has been working as an economic and financial consultant since 2009.
Szabolcs is fluent in Hungarian, Spanish, English and French, has working knowledge of Portuguese and basic German.

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